The ZINDUKA programme empowers community role models and teachers (ZINDUKA Coaches) to deliver an activity-based curriculum that uses soccer language and analogies to deliver key messages and start conversations that promote healthy, responsible behaviors among Tanzanian youth.

ZINDUKA is delivered by 2 coaches and consists of 10 one-hour long practices, including a graduation ceremony, and 6 supplemental practices.


For more information contact: lloya@grassrootsoccer.org


ZINDUKA Scorecard Template (xlsx, 258 KB)

Malaria SKILLZ information (pdf, 11 MB)

Caring Coach Studies (docx, 105 KB)

Pre/Post Challenge - Swahili (pdf, 509 KB)

Pre/Post Challenge - English (pdf, 509 KB)

Red Cards (doc, 50 KB)

Membership Card for Youth Graduates (jpg, 40 KB)