Computers and Phones

Internet & Data Bundles

The following link is to a wikia site that contains current information on internet bundles for all Tanzania cell networks.

Though most smart phones can be used as hot spots, some volunteers prefer USB Modems. Most modems are specific to the network carrier from which they are purchased and usually cost ~40,000 TZS.  Modems that work with multiple phone carrier networks can be found in a few cities and start around 80,000 TZS.  Special data bundles that are meant to lower the cost per KB used through the modem are available from most mobile carriers.

Recomended Apps

Internet cafes

Internet cafes are abundant throughout most major towns and cities in Tanzania.  Rates usually start at 500 Tanzanian shillings (TZS) per half hour and increase from there depending on the cafe.  Most volunteers with personal computers can connect using their own computer either by bringing it to an internet cafe (Ethernet connections are most common, a few places have WiFi) or by purchasing a wireless modem w/ SIM card for your computer from one of the many mobile telecommunications providers.


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