Gesti Guru live!

Gesti Guru accomodation helper is your new source for knowledge about Gestis nationwide! We have gestis for almost every banking town most with location pins, and many with phone numbers (add those you know!). Also comments are enabled so you can share your experiences with other volunteers.


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Masai Boma Tours

MASAI BOMA TOURS ARE NOW BEING OFFERED IN MAKIFU VILLAGE OUTSIDE OF RUAHA NATIONAL PARK THROUGH MAKIFU CULTURAL TOURS. Makifu Cultural Tours is a village-based organization and 100% of fees go towards development of the Masai Boma. If you are visiting Ruaha National Park book an add-on Traditional Masai Boma tour with your safari for an additional fee. For more information contact or check out our facebook page

Dar Daladala Map

Here's an electronic copy of the Dar daladala map, with important places for volunteers marked.

Peace Corps Travel Forums

For those of you considering travel during the upcoming secondary school break in April, remember your brilliant and wonderful VAC reps worked hard to create you some shiny travel guides to help you optimize your vacations.  Check out our travel forums here!

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