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For Kindle Users: Make Sure you Keep your Books

It is possible for Amazon to remotely wipe the books off your Kindle, but Ars Technica shows you how to stop it.  Note that this is probably a violation of the terms of service on your Kindle, but then, DRMed material is probably a violation of your rights, so do what you think is best.  

Peace Corps Innovation Challenge

Check it: http://www.peacecorpsinnovationchallenge.org/


Use the on-the-ground knowledge of Peace Corps Volunteers who live and work in some of the most remote areas of the developing world to define the day-to-day challenges that can be solved with better information, resources, technology or tools. Connect Peace Corps Volunteers with experts and entrepreneurs from around the world to work together to create and build innovative solutions.


Register & Vote!

All volunteers are reminded to register and vote for the upcomming U.S. general election this November.  Voting as a volunteer living in Tanzania can be tricky and requires forethought to register and vote in time.  Luckily PCVs in Tanzania were reminded with the following excellent advice from last weeks Weekly Update:


Karibuni Health/Environment Trainees!

The new class of Health and Environment trainees arrives in country today, maybe the greeting volunteers can give us some early reports of what they are like. 

Captain Kelly Advises: Small Business Development

Are you a PCV rocking out with a small business development project? Are your mamas doing biashara of some sort? Have you heard of the SIDO (Small Industries Development Organization) office? Every banking town has one of these offices and they are a great resource for all your business needs. Need jars for jam or bottles for honey? They got them! They can also provide small business development education. Bring your mamas to them or bring them to your mamas for education on how to be an entrepreneur, record keeping, budgeting, etc


~Kelly Thayer


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