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Safe Traveling Tips from Peace Corps

Safety Tips for Travelers

Caution: Buying Plane Tickets to the US

Warning!  If you plan to ever go back to America, visit America, or whatever, please read this.  I had a very unfortunate incident in which Turkish Airlines would not let me get on the plane to return to America.  They said it was because somebody else purchased my ticket and I did not have the credit card in-hand.  This applies to ANYONE who buys your ticket; mom, dad, brother, sister, friend.  It does not matter if the person has the same last name as you.  In ord

Kiluguru Guide

We're expanding our volunteer life section and adding a guide to one of the tribal languages, Kiluguru, courtesy of RPCV George Schilling.   If you have or can create a guide to your local language, please share!  

Technology Usage?

Alright darlings, our Peace Corps overlords want information.  They aren't offering any sort of monetary reward, but maybe some of us could just be nice and respond to the following questions, enough for me to sort of act like it's a reasonable number too guestimate from rather than just making up numbers, though of course, an online survey is a little self limiting to those who do have internet.   If you are angry about how much PC expects you to do online, or just think we should all get more money for getting online, this might be the survey for you!  


Gas Shortage in Mbeya Town

Currently cars and dalas are backed up around some of the gas stations, particularly near Mnjelwa, and dala prices are up to 500 TSH.  Does anyone know what's going on?  


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