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Those About to COS, We Salute You, and Want to Help with the Bank Thing

A wonderful now RPCV sent us an email carefully explaining how to close our accounts at Mbezi NBC.  This seems like great information to pass on.  Thanks Mar!  We're attaching the letter you need.  


Important Information about Language Proficiency Testing

If you are planning on grad school and want to use your Kiswahili skills to fulfill a language requirement, read the fine print!  An RPCV described her recent experience to me in which she realized her grad school program wanted reading and writing certifications and Peace Corps only tests speaking and listening skills.  Also, make sure you put the level you achieved in your Description of Service if you ever want to access that record officially.   Trying to get the record of language levels out of post is extremely difficult.  

Remember the Peace Corps Innovation Challenge!

If you are doing anything cool, or know of anyone doing anything cool, particularly ICT related, check out the attached flyers!

World Map Project Resources

Hey PCVs - Many of you express interest in making World Maps at your schools. It is a great project and enables you to integrate maths, English, Geography, civics, etc. into a simple and fun activity with students and teachers!  I have attached the document here, but also here's a link to the official Peace Corps website where the ICE manual for World Maps exists:  http://theworldmapproject.com/

Super Regional Report

Dodoma people had a super regional!  They did things!  I don't know what, I just post things on request without reading them.  I did remove the list of everyone's names at the beginning just in case any privacy issues arise.  If you definitely want your name associated with this, feel free to post your name in the comments and/or just yell at me.  Cheers!  


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