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50 Years Later

Tom Katus visited a group of education volunteers in Morogoro, almost 50 years to the week after he was posted to Morogoro as one of the very first Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania.  His group, known as Tanganyika one, served the then-country of Tanganyika in response to the request of president Nyerere, the first African head of state to request the presence of Peace Corps.  To make this even more historic, Tanganyika 1 included Jerry Parsons, the first African-American volunteer, who partnered with Mr. Katus in a duo affectionately dubbed "Tom and Jerry."


Using the offline Wikipedia

At the Education IST, I provided copies of Wikipedias that work without an Internet connection. But I didn't have time to write up or explain how to use it. So here is what to do with the files:


Hello, Goodbye

Peace Corps Tanzania welcomes our new country director, Elizabeth O'Malley, commonly known as EB.   She served as a PCV in Sierra Leone from 1979-1982, continued her service as a Peace Corps consultant, trainer, and APCD in Kenya, and acted as country director for Uganda from 2000-2005.  Karibu Tanzania, EB.    


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