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PCTZ Bus Buddy App Live!

Tired of buses that say they have AC? Wish you knew the price of buses before going to the stendi? Well, karibu BusBuddy! Any time you ride a bus and feel like doing other PCVs a favor, enter your data here and your review will appear instantly at pctanzania.org/BusBuddy. It's like yelp for bus travel; karibu sana!

Password Reset Functionality Restored!

Password Reset Functionality Restored!

Good news everyone! For months the mail server for this site was down. But no more! If you've been struggling to get a new password, your struggles are over. Try to reset it now and it will work.

Lastly, if you have feedback for the ICT Committee (we who run the site) the correct email to reach us is pctzict@gmail.com.

Committee Page Updates!

Hello PCTZ Committee members,
The Information Computer Tech (ICT) Committee is doing site maintenance. For many committees, contact info and content are outdated and collecting dust. Please, review your committee's page and send us any updates at pctzict@gmail.com. If you want to have control over your committee's page, please email us your user name and we will grant you editing access.

For new committees please supply us your...


There is a new PC online resource for volunteers, staff and partners for PC worldwide: peacecorpslive.org. You now have access to all the news, announcements, resources and blogs posted to peacecorpslive.org.  You, and anyone else on the internet, can come to see the latest information on Peace Corps: current events, news items, announcements of new content, and new blog posts from the PCLive staff and volunteers worldwide. 


PCLive. Inform. Inspire. Connect.

LEAD TZ 2015

Zinduka and the USAWA Committee are proud to present our first annual LEAD (Leadership Experience and Development) TZ National Youth Conference! If you have completed or plan to complete a local youth conference with secondary school students you are eligible to bring your students to this national conference in Iringa on January 19-23.

Here is how you apply:


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