Using the offline Wikipedia

At the Education IST, I provided copies of Wikipedias that work without an Internet connection. But I didn't have time to write up or explain how to use it. So here is what to do with the files:

  1. Copy the big .ZIM files to the hard drive of the computer you want to be able to use Wikipedia on
  2. Install the Kiwix program provided in the same folder as the .ZIM files
    1. On Mac, use kiwix-0.9-beta2_x86.dmg
    2. On Windows, use If you got the file kiwix-0.9-beta2-win.7z (instead of zip), and you need a program to open that, use this:
  3. For the Windows version, Kiwix doesn't automatically make the .ZIM files recognizable on your computer. What you have to do is: double click on either one of the .ZIM files, and then you will be shown a list of programs to open the file with, because at this point Windows doesn't know what to do. You need to make it open the file with Kiwix, which should be located at C:\Program Files\Kiwix\kiwix\kiwix.exe
    • I'm not sure if this happens with the Mac version

You should now see Wikipedia appear. Sometimes, you may be prompted to generate a search index. You can safely say no, and it won't have any major effects. However, if this prompt gets annoying, contact me and I can give you the steps to deal with this.

For reference, the Kiwix program, and other versions of Wikipedia that work offline can be downloaded here:

Unfortunately the Wikipedia databases are too large to download for most people. If you want these files, we should meet up somewhere.