Caution: Buying Plane Tickets to the US

Warning!  If you plan to ever go back to America, visit America, or whatever, please read this.  I had a very unfortunate incident in which Turkish Airlines would not let me get on the plane to return to America.  They said it was because somebody else purchased my ticket and I did not have the credit card in-hand.  This applies to ANYONE who buys your ticket; mom, dad, brother, sister, friend.  It does not matter if the person has the same last name as you.  In order to board a flight to America, you either have to have the credit card or have validated it beforehand.  This does not only pertain to Turkish Airlines.  Brian told me this happened to his friend on KLM (which I believe is Delta). Additionally, this happened to a PCV who COSed in July, and like me, she had to buy a new ticket 20 minutes before her flight.  So again, if you'd like to avoid buying two tickets to return to America, please have the credit card in-hand or ask your person in America to validate it with the company before departure.

Alert sent to us by Danielle, who is awesome for sharing.