Captain Kelly Advises: Water Projects

Are you doing a water project? Is water an issue you are addressing in some way? Did you know that all water in Tanzania is managed by a government office called the Water Basin Office? The Water Basin Office is responsible for issuing water use permits and providing training and education about water management, as well as monitoring and governing water use in Tanzania. Most villagers think this job happens in the district government offices. This is not the case! The job of the water folks in the district offices is to advise in engineering matters only. The Water Basin Office is a great resource to know about and an important resource to tap into if you are doing a water project. These offices were established by law in 1989 but were not fully implemented until 2009. Tanzania is divided into 9 water basins and they are as follows:
1. Pangani Basin
2. Internal Drainage Basin
3. Rufij Basin
4. Lake Victoria Basin
5. Lake Nyasa Basin
6. Lake Tanganyika Basin
7. Wami/Ruvu Basin     
8. Ruvuma Basin
9. Lake Rukwa Basin

Find out what Water Basin Office governs your village and remember: any wells that are dug, dams that are built, or any other structures that will alter a water source in some way need to have a permit from the Water Basin Office.


~Kelly Thayer