Best Practices/Lessons Manual

Calling ALL PCVs and Kathy Durbin! 

We are looking for people to help contribute/edit the Best Practices/Lessons Manual.

i.e. You

What is the manual?

1.) See attached

2.) A draft book of do's/don'ts, guides, basic information and lessons compiled by the most recent COS Health/Enviornment Volunteers


1.) To edit, clean and generally beautify the document in order to make it more cohesive

2.) To delete repetitive need for a full page insertion that ends with 'see life skills manual'

3.) To add creative, useful and new information that can be used by ALL volunteers (not just health)

4.) To finish by March 2013 (the next Health/Enviroment IST)


Sections to be included: Reproductive Health, Malaria, HIV and STIs, Teaching/Management, Sports/Teambuildilng, Permagarden Best Practicies, Nutrition/Cooking, Primary and Maternal Health Care, Boys/Girls Conference Guides, blah blah blah.  Again, any and all contributions are WELCOMED....SANA.

If you are interested in helping, (answer: mos def), please contact Ellen Jorgenson at or 0782809579.