School calendar 2012

Dear ED PCVs,

Greetings from PC/TZ ED Team! We hope wote hamjambo sana and doing well. Due to the upcoming National Census (scheduled for August 2012), the Ministry  of Education & Vocational Training has rescheduled the schooling calendar for 2012 to accommodate the process. The new dates which has been or will be shared to your schools are as follows:

Opening Term 1 January 9 - March 30 56 teaching days
Mid-term closure April 2 - 9 6 closure days (Easter holiday)
Continuing Term 1 April 10 - June 22 52 teaching days
End of Term 1 break June 22 - July 6 17 closure days
Opening Term 2 July 9 - August 2 18 teaching days
Mid-term closure August 3 - September 7 35 closure days (National Census)
Continuing Term 2 September 10 - December 14 69 teaching days


  1. 194 teaching days
  2. 63 closure days (between school days) + 8 in Jan, 17 in Dec + 80 weekend days (Total days schools not in session Jan 1-Dec 31, 2012 is 168 days)
  3. UMISETA games will take place during the June break

What does this mean to you as an ED volunteer?

  • If you have any plans to take vacation during the June break, please ensure that it happens between June 22 – July 6 when the school is not in session
  • For those who have already submitted leave request which fall when the school is in session, please resubmit to the VSS Happy and modify/change the dates

It should also be noted that these school calendar apply mostly for O-level schools, negotiations as still on-going for A-level schools and we’ll notify you of the changes if any.


Last but not least, please ensure that you only apply for vacation when the school is not in session, the ED team will not entertain any vacation requests outside the 168 days you have in a year when the school is off. We believe you’re more than capable to plan your entitled 24 vacation days per year within the 168-days. Please call us if you need any further clarification(s).


With best regards,

ED Team