50 Years Later

Tom Katus visited a group of education volunteers in Morogoro, almost 50 years to the week after he was posted to Morogoro as one of the very first Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania.  His group, known as Tanganyika one, served the then-country of Tanganyika in response to the request of president Nyerere, the first African head of state to request the presence of Peace Corps.  To make this even more historic, Tanganyika 1 included Jerry Parsons, the first African-American volunteer, who partnered with Mr. Katus in a duo affectionately dubbed "Tom and Jerry."

The 2011 group of Education sector volunteers had been gathered in Morogoro to undergo their In-Service Traning conference when they received Tom Katus for dinner at Dragonaire's followed by a brief presentation at the training center.    During the presentation, Mr. Katus touched on various topics including:

  • His experiences as a "bush baby" surveying in the region.
  • The tendency even then of Peace Corps volunteers to spend hours reading by candlelight.
  • His dissatisfaction with training (as should be an example to us all, since this led to his founding his own company to train volunteers).
  • His political work to justify the high Peace Corps overhead and staff to volunteer ratio (35:160) to Congress.
  • His desire for a Peace Corps post in Egypt. 

Thank you Tom Katus, we are so honored to host you, and proud to continue your legacy by answering President Kennedy's call to the service of peace.  




Very cool, looks like it was a great visit. I wish I'd been there.

I am looking for it, but either my google fu fails me or it's no place obvious.  Does anyone remember the title of the documentary?