Maua Mazuri

Maua Mazuri is a program designed to use the arts to empower girls and teach them important life skills. It is currently being used to reach over 500 girls across Tanzania. Every lesson and every aspect of Maua Mazuri is designed to teach self-confidence and creativity. It is a life skills program consisting of 13 lessons- each using a different art form to teach a different skill. This program can be done with a group of 15-20 girls between the ages of 11-16. The Maua Mazuri program was designed with this thought in mind: "art is for everyone". Teachers and students should embrace this fact and participate with confidence and enthusiasm no matter what level they are. Art has the power to teach, empower, and inspire like nothing else does. This program is called “Maua Mazuri” ("Beautiful Flowers") because after completing the program, each girl should feel beautiful and unique, like a flower. Just as a flower blooms and opens up, each girl should gain the confidence and skills to open up and show their true colours. WASICHANA  WANAWEZA!


If you would like to do Maua Mazuri in your community, you can write a VAST grant to receive funding for books and art supplies. Here is the grant application template and an example grant proposal. OR contact the USAWA committee to join a Maua Mazuri umbrella grant!


Also, contact Emily (0786038585, to get the lesson book and media materials!