Setting up and running a school library is one of the most satisfying jobs a teacher can perform. As a teacher-librarian you will be able to develop children's love of books and encourage them to read. This in turn will improve their literacy skills, which they will enjoy, remember and share long after their school days are over. You can also show students how to find out information from the books in the library, and this too is a skill for life. People need information to educate themselves and develop their true potential, and for this they need literacy skills and access to books. The library provides access to books; it is a place where information is shared.

Setting up a library is also a great challenge. It can be hard work, so it is recommended that you work closely with many other people at your school. In this way the library will belong to everyone at the school and can be made to benefit many generations of students. 


Setting up and Running a School Library (pdf, 9.8 MB)

Libraries for All! How to Start and Run a Basic Library (pdf, 2.6 MB)  (Link to Peace Corps Digital Library)

Community center and library tip sheet (doc, 44 KB)