Technology Media and Information (TMI)

What we do:


The PCTZ Media Team is an elite team of volunteers who, in association with the ICT/Media Committee, use the lives and work of Peace Corps Tanzania volunteers as the subject matter of useful, captivating media productions. The team's project scope is broad, ranging from primary assignment work to secondary project efforts, from third goal cultural exchange to assisting with development of Peace Corps training materials. PCTZ Media's function is facilitated by the team's own multimedia equipment kit, which has already been used to make many productions, viewable online on the YouTube channel "PCTZ Media".


To request media team coverage of an event, or other project you should apply via this form at least two weeks prior to the requested coverage.


Check us out on YouTube here!

  • We maintain this very website! Look around and bathe in its glorious wellsprings of institutional knowledge!
    • And if you are interested helping out the webmaster join ICT Committee! Contact us at We are always looking for interested and hardworking people with new ideas and talents.
  • We provide volunteers with the tools, training, and advice needed to incorporate technology into their work, from ICT curriculum to lab support!
  • We also work with the PC Media Team to showcase volunteers' work and lives in order to educate the public on the Peace Corps mission in Tanzania.
    • Our committies meet together so if you are torn, you can always do both!

Who we are:

We are a group of Peace Corps volunteers dedicated to integrating communication technology into all sectors of volunteer service in order to develop ICT infrastructure and education in Tanzania.

ICT in Tanzania:

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology.  As the developed countries have become increasingly entrenched in the Information Age, developing countries have begun to face a further obstacle dubbed "the digital divide," denoting the gap that separates those who are able to fully participate in a global culture of knowledge and those who cannot. In recent years, the Tanzanian government has recognized the importance of ICT development and is implementing policy the vision of which is for Tanzania to become "a hub of ICT infrastructure and ICT solutions that enhance sustainable socioeconomic development and accelerated poverty reduction both nationally and globally."  We as Peace Corps volunteers are committed to assisting the Tanzanian people to achieve their goals in respect of ICT development and growth.