Huru International

Huru is a not-for-profit charity registered in Kenya and the USA in 2009. Huru produces re-usable sanitary pads from locally procured cotton materials at a workshop in Mukuru slums of Nairobi, 30 staff are employed to produce pads. Huru kits are made available for donation through various partners, NGOs, private sector companies, foundations and individual giving. Our website has more information about kits and our work.

Huru’s mission is to empower girls and young women living in poverty to become self-sufficient through education and critical life skills for health, hygiene and self-development.
Huru staff work in collaboration with partners, communities and youth to respond to the needs of girls and young women aged 10-24 years. There are many potential results that Huru Kits can achieve in combination with well-designed health promotion and education activities for girls, young women and communities. Possible results include:

  • Reduced absenteeism for girls in-school (related to periods)

  • Reduced economic burden on families and young women out of school (related to period care)

  • Improved attitudes of girl’s towards periods, empowering girls and boys to support each other’s development during puberty

  • Increased knowledge on menstruation and health information, such as HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and periods

  • Improved skills for life, such as decision-making, communication and future planning

  • Healthier behaviors linked to sexual and reproductive health, menstruation and uptake of relevant health services

  • Increased community support for girls and young women’s needs in menstruation, empowerment, success in school and out of school


Huru in Tanzania

Huru Interanational is continuing to work in Tanzania with PCVs. For the 2016 fiscal year, 15,000 kits are being made avaiable for
distribution in TZ and Huru would like PCVs to think up creative, exciting ways to distribute these kits and use them as a catalyst for girls empowerment and education in their communities. Any PCV is eligible to apply for these kits. The programs can be designed to target either in-school or out-of-school girls. Each round of applications will be competitive because the number of kits is limited. The most current application is attached at the bottom of this page. Applicants may also submit a VAST Grant (Small Grants Application) to receive money to carry out their implementation plan. This is a great opportunity to empower girls and a great way to start conversations about self-confidence, menstruation, reproductive health, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS in your community! If you have any questions, want to talk through your ideas, or need a grant reviewed, please contact Branden Ryan (, 0782130339) or Nida Hasan (, 0767605780)


Grant Application Process

First, assess the needs in your community using the “Huru Needs Assessment Surveys”:

Huru Needs Assesment, In-School Girls, (English and Swahili) (.docx, 217kb)

Huru Needs Assesment, Out-of-School Girls, (English and Swahili) (.docx, 220kb)

Then download and complete your application!

Huru Grant Application, Round 4 (.doc, 1.9mb)

Use these documents to help make the process simpler:

Huru Example Application and Review Sheet (.pdf, 37kb)

Huru Project Goals and Objectives (.docx, 193kb)

Huru Explanation in Swahili (to help you explain the program to community members) (.docx, 192kb)

Picture of Huru Kit Components (.pdf, 6.5mb)