Malaria Team

While malaria remains a deadly threat to young children and pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent WHO analysis, the lives of 750,000 children have been saved over the past decade through malaria prevention efforts. With the continued expansion of these endeavors, three million more lives can be saved by 2015. On World Malaria Day 2011, Peace Corps joined the fight to end malaria on a level unprecedented in the organization’s history through the creation of the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa initiative. Now, 3,000 volunteers (6,000 stomps strong!) in 25 Peace Corps programs across Africa are exchanging ideas and working together. These 3,000 volunteers and their partnering organizations bring a wealth of knowledge, new ideas, and skills to the fight to end malaria, and we want YOU to join us! Every pair of feet, every bit of information, and every idea on ways to Stomp Out Malaria are crucial to eradicating this disease.  


Stomping Out Malaria's Mission

The Stomping Out Malaria in Africa initiative aims to have universal bed net coverage and malaria prevention and treatment education programs in every malaria-impacted Peace Corps community in the initial target countries by 2013. In addition, Peace Corps will work with partners to achieve two Millennium Challenge goals: a 50% or more reduction in deaths caused by malaria globally by 2015 and a substantial reduction in deaths caused by malaria in all 25 African target countries by 2020. If YOU have an interest in the fight to end malaria, or are a malaria professional yourself (budding or seasoned), JOIN US!


What Can You Do?

The malaria prevalence in your village or post location may be having a bigger effect on your neighbors than you realize. Even some of the mountainous and desert-like regions of Tanzania have a higher malaria prevalence than some parts of the lowland coast, like Dar es Salaam.   A good way to get dialed in to the local malaria situation where you are is to help us in gathering information for a local "malaria snapshot."   Make an effort to actually meet with and talk to your District Medical Officer or DMO. This is a really good first step. The district medical offices all over Tanzania should all have a resident "Malaria Focal Person" or MFP. Meeting with and interviewing that person can give you important insight into the current malaria situation, prevalence rate, challenges, obstacles and opportunities to help in the larger struggle. Have a chat.   Your DMO or MFP should be able to help you identify local "Community Change Agents" who are out there working quietly, and who could most likely use your help. There is a nationwide system of CCAs supported by Johns Hopkins and Population Services International, all over the country. Who is the CCA working closest to where you live? Find out how to contact that person, and meet with them.   These two simple tasks would be a very big step in the right direction.   If you can make up a simple one-page note, with: Your name Your village or location name, and:

  1. Identify your DMO and MFP
  2. Identify your CCA
  3. A brief comment about what you learned in talking to them about malaria
This document will be added to a database that will make your discovery available to every volunteer that ever serves again in your location. Really. It will not be lost in the shuffle.
Send it to us and we will upload it to the resource center where it will be forever searchable simply by typing in your village name.
Starting here will help us to localize our training efforts to your local situation and circumstances. Questions will emerge. Answers will be offered. The process will begin, toward creating a knowledge base that is transferrable and responsive to what is actually happening, where you live.

Further Information

The resource center for all of Stomp Out Malaria is located at: Google Docs, which contains Tanzania-specific files In addition, you can stay up to date on Stomping Out Malaria in Africa by "Liking" their Facebook page. Updates are also available on their Tumblr blog and Twitter.  


Also check out the Tanzania Malaria Team Bulletins: 



Malaria vocabulary (English and Kiswahili) (doc, 67 KB)
Attendence Sheet for Malaria Skillz Soccer events (pdf, 168 KB)
Skillz Malaria Pre/Post Challenge Questions (pdf, 91 KB)
Skillz Malaria Challenge Question Response Sheet, (pdf, 474 KB)
Nightwatch Malaria Program, English (docx, 46 KB)
Nightwatch Malaria Program, Swahili (docx, 46 KB)
Contact Information for PSI Regional Managers (docx, 13 KB)
Malaria Challenge Guide (docx, 149 KB)
Blog About Malaria Month Guidelines (docx, 66 KB)
Malaria ToT Training Manual (pdf, 501 KB)
Bus and Village Malaria Lesson (docx, 20 KB)
Malaria Children's Book (pdf, 14 MB)