The health project was begun in 2000 in order to promote healthy behaviors among rural Tanzanians.  Health volunteers live in rural communities and work closely with NGOs, community health centers, and local schools.  Examples of health volunteer work includes initiating women's groups to promote better health and childcare, holding demonstrations on sexual health, and furthering the Tanzanian governments' campaigns for HIV testing and anti-malarial bednets.

Life Skills

The Life Skills program is a comprehensive behavior change approach that concentrates on developing the skills needed for life, such as communication, decision-making and critical thinking. It also helps learners understand the importance of assertiveness, self-esteem, resisting peer pressure and creating healthy relationships.
Life Skills Manual - English
Life Skills Manual - Swahili
Also check out this the Best Practices, Games and Lesson Plans Manual (9.2mb, .pdf). This is a compilation of hands on resources in both English and Swahili, when available, to help with your transition into teaching and implementing various projects and activities in your village. 

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Specific Health Topics

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Health technical manual 2014(pdf, 11MB)

Health Activities for Primary School Students (pdf, 2.2 MB) Available on the ICE publications website [ICE No. R0105] and the "Sharing Promising Practices" CD

A New Beginning: The Child Health Manual (pdf, 2.8 MB) - Available on the ICE publications website [ICE No. T0102] and the "Sharing Promising Practices" CD

Health and environment activities and projects ideas (doc, 30 KB)

Directory of Tanzania development organizations (pdf, 1.1 MB)

OVC partners directory (June 2009) (pdf, 139 KB)

Community health billboard tip sheet (doc, 63 KB)

Community entry VSA guide (doc, 40 KB)


Mwanzo Bora Videos (Right click video,  and choose "Save As" to save to computer)

  • Babu Siku 1000 (.mp4, 13.4mb)
  • Bibi wa Kuigwa (.mp4, 11.7mb)
  • Chakula Mchanganyiko (.mp4, 15.3mb)
  • Mbegu (.mp4, 7.6mb)
  • Sungura (.mp4, 8.5mb)
  • Teaser Siku 1000 (.mp4, 9.5mb)
  • Tip Tap (.mp4, 28.1mb)
  • Tutakwa Mbia Siri Yetu (.mp4, 11.1mb)
  • Uji Mzito (.mp4, 6.3mb)
  • Sack Garden (.mp4, 24.9mb)