Administrative Forms

Here are the most updated administrative forms from the office. At this time there's no system in place to submit them via this website but you can print them out or e-mail to staff if no signatures are required.

Finance Programming/Training/Admin Mavi Happens
  • Application to Allot or Withdraw Readjustment Allowance (pdf)
  • Authorization of Purchase of U.S. Savings Bond by Volunteer (pdf)
  • Authorization to Use Personal Material (docx)
  • Cash Claim Form (doc)
  • Clements Property Insurance Brochure (pdf)
  • General Reimbursement Form (pdf
  • Loan Cancellation (pdf
  • Loan Deferment (pdf)
  • Petty Cash Voucher Form (doc
  • Purchase of Savings Bonds (pdf)
  • Tax Exemption Letter (pdf)
  • In-Service Training Application (doc, pdf)
  • Change of Home of Record (docpdf)
  • COS Date Change: Form (doc)
  • COS Date Change SOP (docx)
  • Leave Request Form (pdf, xlsx)
  • Med Supply Request (xls)
  • Site Locator Form (doc)
  • Volunteer Request Form: Education (doc)
  • Volunteer Request Form: Health-Swahili version (docx)
  • Settling-in Allowance Survey Form (doc
  • Illness/Injury Treatment Report (doc)
  • Incident Report Form (doc)
  • Loss of Property Memo (pdf)

(Note: If you're looking for grants related forms, check out the Grants Page)