Agriculture Education

An agriculture project addresses basic village-level needs for the conservation and development of natural resources. The project has expanded to address community needs and national strategies, including the National Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan and a local government reform program that decentralized economic planning down to the district and village levels.

The project empowers Volunteers and their counterparts to make use of existing indigenous knowledge in agriculture, soil conservation, small-scale agribusiness, environmental education, home gardens, and HIV/AIDS awareness while mitigating its impact to agriculture and food security in the rural areas


Resources for:



  • Directory of Tanzania development organizations (pdf, 1.1 MB)
  • Identifying indigenous specialists (doc, 33 KB)
  • Map of protected areas in TZ (jpg, 178 KB)
  • Measurement & Evaluation: The Sharp Jembe (doc, 68 KB)
  • Tanzania food security update (Feb 2009) (pdf, 1.4 MB)
  • Tanzania Investment and Environment Outlook (pdf, 96 KB)
  • Transect Walks and Observation (pdf, 220 KB)
  • Sample CEP Report (pdf, 2mb)