English Materials

 English Manual for Peace Corps Volunteers: Practical Advice for Teaching in Tanzania (Riah Werner, Melinda Cobian, Hannah Cox) (pdf, 1.63 MB)

Grammar, Speaking and Listening Activities - for primary and secondary school English language students in Tanzania (Teacher's book) (pdf, 785 KB)

Old English Syllabus for Forms 1 & 2 (1997) - (doc, 116 KB)

Practical English for adults (doc, 3.6 MB)

English teaching manuel (sic) (Claire Thomas, Carol Sevin, Lisa Dallacqua) (pdf, 287 KB)

Karibu Basic English (Dan Bailey, Sarah Robinson, Marielle Soniat) (doc, 35 KB)

How to use basic English guide (doc, 23 KB)

Sample lesson plans (Sarah Robinson, PCV) (doc, 42 KB)

Official basic English word list (doc, 265 KB)

First 850 words (pdf, 26 KB)

Verb sheet (doc, 84 KB)

Conjugation of verbs (doc, 81 KB)

Word lists (xls, 782 KB)

Additional word lists (pdf, 25 KB)

Treasure Island basic English (odt, 161 KB)




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