National and NECTA Exams

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In secondary school there are 3 levels of exams:
Form II (O-Level) students sit for the Form Two Secondary Education Examination (FTSEE)
Form IV (O-Level) students sit for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
Form VI (A-Level) students sit for the ACSEE

Form II exams are administered by the Tanzanian Ministry of Educion, which is why they are sometimes called “National Exams.” The Form IV and Form VI Exams are administered by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) under the guidance of the Ministry of Education. These are often called “NECTA Exams.”

Each school takes the same NECTA Exam at the same time, so the date of each exam is written. For Form II exams, the school decides when and how to administer, which is why there is no date but only a year written.

Each exam has its own time limit, 2.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on the subject and the level.

For the Form VI exams, the science subjects have both a paper (theory) and a practical. The number “1” indicates a paper and the number “2” indicates a practical. There are two types of practicals: one that requires a laboratory and one that does not require a laboratory. A practical without a letter does not require a laboratory (e.g Chemistry 2 – Alternative Practical). There is only one copy of this exam. A practical with a letter is a practical that does require a laboratory. There can be 3 or more different versions. (e.g. Physics 2A – Alternative Practical, Physics 2B – Alternative Practical)

Form VI students write two different papers on two different days. The number “1” indicates the first paper. The number “2” indicates the second paper. The number “3” indicates the laboratory practical. There can be more than one version of the practical exam, and these versions are indicated by letters, a different letter for each day the exam is given.





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