Education 2011 MSC

Midservice Conference for 2011 Education class.

5 years 10 months ago

Past NECTA exams

The TETEA organization has generously hosted numerous past national exams for math and science subjects, organized by form, subject, and year. Visit their resources page to download them.


Shika Revival

In just a few short months, another wave of Education trainees will be flooding our country. First and foremost, hooray for new people! But secondly and more to the point, this is a critical time to prepare and organize all of our collective PCV knowledge and wisdom, which we can then bestow upon our new recruits efficiently and effectively. That's what I've been trying to do, at least.



School calendar 2012

Dear ED PCVs,

Greetings from PC/TZ ED Team! We hope wote hamjambo sana and doing well. Due to the upcoming National Census (scheduled for August 2012), the Ministry  of Education & Vocational Training has rescheduled the schooling calendar for 2012 to accommodate the process. The new dates which has been or will be shared to your schools are as follows:


Tanzania Reads

Some of our beloved RPCVs are continuing to make good in the world with an NGO called Tanzania Reads that works to establish libraries in Secondary Schools.   If you are considering, or currently working on, a library project, they'll help you, and as math and science teachers in Tanzania from several years ago, they understand all the problems with libraries.  More info can be found here.  Tanzania reads is also listed on our links page. 


Google Comes to Tanzania

The first ever g|Tanzania Google conference will be happening February 2-3 in Dar es Salaam, and it's free.  The first day of the conference will be targeted at developers, the second day is about businesses and entrepeneurs.   More information here.  If you know ICT teachers or are good friends with internet cafe owners, let them know about it. 


Using the offline Wikipedia

At the Education IST, I provided copies of Wikipedias that work without an Internet connection. But I didn't have time to write up or explain how to use it. So here is what to do with the files:


The education sector is Peace Corps Tanzania's flagship program. Begun from 1962, the very first year of Peace Corps presence in Tanzania, the education project continues to serve Tanzania's need for teachers. Education volunteers live all over the country teaching English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and ICT in secondary schools and teacher's colleges.

Subject Specific Teaching Materials


Math Physics



English NECTAs

Math NECTAs Physics NECTAs Chemistry NECTAs Biology NECTAs

General NECTA Information


Shika na Mikono

Shika na Mikono is a project started by education volunteers teaching science that helps empower teachers to utilize hands-on science lessons where laboratory equipment is often limited. (Go to Shika Page)


ICT and Computer Studies

As a companion to the Shika project, we have the Shika kwa Mouse manual for ICT.  Currently we are on version 1.0.

More ICT and Computer Studies resources


Secondary Project Ideas


Other Resources - Study Resources - Past Papers

Text TETEA - 0759350150

Khan Academy - Educational videos for many subjects in Swahili (

We have a version of KA Lite (English) pending - an offline version of Khan Academy practice activities and videos.

Peace Corps Digital Library


General Education Practices for Teaching in Tanzania  (pdf, 1.0 MB)

Classroom Management (pdf, 2.7 MB) - Available on the ICE publications website and the "Sharing Promising Practices" CD

Tanzanian Education System Overview (ppt, 621KB)

Views of the Children 2007: Tanzanian Children's Perceptions of Education and Their Role in Society (pdf, 904 KB)


Guide to studying (pdf, 125 KB)

Guide to national and NECTA exams (pdf, 595 KB)

Examination jargon tip sheet (pdf, 62 KB)


In the Classroom: Empowering Girls (pdf, 893 KB) - Available on the ICE publications website and the "Sharing Promising Practices" CD

Beyond the Classroom: Empowering Girls (pdf, 2.1 MB) - Available on the ICE publications website and the "Sharing Promising Practices" CD

Solar powered school tip sheet (doc, 75 KB)