Community Theatre

The training on Community Theatre is scheduled for May 25-29, 2015. The workshop offers intensive training that will cover community action methodologies as a Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategy in fighting HIV/AIDS. The training will include sessions on community action theatre engraved with HIV/AIDS issues, how to perform and conduct community dialogue on HIV/AIDS issues and how to evaluate a community action theatre. The goal is to equip volunteers and their counterparts with community action methodologies as a BCC strategy in fighting HIV/AIDS at their sites. During the workshop the following topics will be covered (i) Arts and Society (ii) the Concept and Characteristics of Community Action Theatre (iii) CAT techniques (iv) CAT as a BCC Strategy (v) Monitoring and Evaluation of CAT (vi) Field Practical experience and preparation of Plan of Action for CAT. Applications are welcomed (see application form). Interested Volunteers should fill and submit the application form to PC PEPFAR office before April 6th, 2015 by email to or you can mail a hard copy to HIV Coordinator: Regina Masako. We need to have at least 20 participants (10 PCVs and their counterparts) in order for the workshop to happen.  Thank you to all who have already applied. Please may you spread the word to the other Volunteers to apply.


Deadline to submit community theatre application is April 6, 2015.