Monitoring, Reporting, and Evaluation Committee

The goal of the MRE committee is to promote and support monitoring, reporting and evaluation of health, agriculture, and education volunteers in Peace Corps Tanzania.


This is achieved by:

  1. Identifying and disseminating successful methods, tools, and best MRE practices.
  2. Improving MRE skills of PCTZ Volunteers by providing guidance and support training regarding MRE.
  3. Providing feedback to volunteers as they are planning MRE in the project development stage.
  4. Promoting MRE and improving reoorting rates among PC volunteers.
  5. Analyzing the current VRF data and identifying gaps between provided trainings and reported projects in order to advise post on potential improvements.
  6. Liaising between PCTZ volunteers and MRE specialists to improve reporting tools.


At our most recent meeting in October 2016, we worked on a variety of tasks including the following:

  1. Worked on finishing an MRE Handbook to be distributed to volunteers at their Early Service Trainings to facilitate mre accurate and complete reporting of service.
  2. Met with APCDs, MRE Specialist, and DPT to discuss post-specific changes in reporting and how best to inform current volunteers of new information.
  3. Reviewed volunteer feedback from recent trainings (He.Ag 16 EST) to further improve future trainings. (MRE, PDM)
  4. Created a Volunteer Support Log in order to monitor and evaluate ourselves as a committee and systematize volunteer feedback on the MRE process.


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