HIV Committee

The goal of the HIV committee is to encourage and assist Volunteers through providing materials, trainings, and resources, as well as help to direct Peace Corps Tanzania’s HIV programming.

This is achieved by:

  1. Providing advice and guidance to Volunteers as they design HIV related projects and write grants.
  2. Helping to further develop and promote current HIV/health development activities at work in Peace Corps Tanzania including, but not limited to; HIV/AIDS programming, World AIDS day, Grassroots Soccer, Nutrition, Commodity Chain Management, Hand Washing/Hygiene, and Maternal and Child Health.
  3. Working with Peace Corps Tanzania’s existing committees to promote HIV/health programming work within their particular areas of expertise.
  4. Working with outside organizations that have a close relationship with Peace Corps Tanzania and that have a HIV/health component, including, but not limited to, TCDC, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, HEALTH Tanzania, USAID, PEPFAR, et al.
  5. Helping to promote and explain HIV/health development work at Peace Corps Trainings (PST, EST, IST, MSC, etc.).

Health and HIV Google Drive