FEMA Club is a student health group. FEMA magazines are printed periodically (every few months) and sent to the school by regional FEMA organization branches to be distributed to students. The magazines are partially in Kiswahili and partially in English. Topics include various life skills ranging from UTI's, why it's important to volunteer, the importance of hand washing, and success stories of accomplished Tanzanians, for example. To get started, elect student leaders to help manage the club, and let them choose which topics they would like to discuss at each meeting. Use FEMA magazines, Biology books, Peace Corps Life Skills books, and any other related references you can find to facilitate discussions with students. Make meetings interactive. Have students role play, participate in debate on certain topics, and demonstrate particular skills to other students (i.e. hand washing and proper use of mosquito nets). This is an excellent target student group for implementing special events in your community on important days such as World Malaria Day and World AIDS Day. To get started talk to community members, teachers, students, heads of school to see if there is an interest. Then contact your regional FEMA branch to see if they can come to your community to present and encourage interest. It's even possible for students to appear in FEMA magazines! This is a great way to encourage youth to live out healthy life styles in a fun way and be proud of what they can accomplish.


These are the e-mail and official website for FEMA Club:
E-mail: info@feminahip.or.tz
Website: www.feminahip.or.tz