Food Security


Food Security, Empowerment, Assistance,  and Sustainability in Tanzania

Please join us, as fellow Food Security Volunteers, to spread our vision,” Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability,” as we pursue our mission: To promote access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to improve quality of life by providing knowledge, skills, and resources to volunteers and Tanzanians.

The primary role of every FEAST Committee member is to inspire all volunteers to initiate food security projects in their villages to sustainably improve the availability, access and utilization of food. Committee members will assist in implementing at least four food security specific IST’s a year along with introduction presentations at PST’s and other IST’s. Committee members will also be creating regional stores of resources to reference and toolkits that volunteers can borrow to facilitate effective trainings within their communities.
The FEAST Committee has many projects in the works, and we need your help! Please find time to fill out our two new templates for recording lesson plans and creating project reports. These will be collected by our Resource Managers in order that the tools and tricks you as volunteers have created can be shared to learn from each other’s experiences, good and bad. Templates can be found in the resource list bellow, please send completed templates to If you haven’t already we encourage you to join the Peace Corps FEAST Committee Facebook group as well.
Welcome to the FEAST!
  • Lesson Plan Template (68 kb, .doc)
  • Project Report Template (18 kb, .doc)
  • PST Food Security Introduction PowerPoint (1 mb, .ppt)
  • FEAST Comic 1 - Insecure (2 mb, .JPG)