Safe Travels

Dar es Salaam

Daladala Route Map

We also have an alternate map (pdf) that includes well known locations in Dar.

DART (DAr Rapid Transit) Map

Get a pdf of the DART map here

Taxi Safety Tips

  • Taking Unlicensed Taxis puts you at risk for being robbed. Licensed taxis have white license plates while unlicensed taxis have yellow plates.
  • If you have any doubts, especially in Dar or Moshi, use a volunteer recommended taxi or a licensed taxi.
  • It is recommended you record the plate number of your cab in case of any eventuality.


Volunteer Recommended Taxis
Dar es Salaam

Paul 0652-430-955
Avis* 0786-599-345
Stella 0785-033-422
Rajab 0774-834-248
Mussa 0784-359-598
Ali 0713-340-917
Peter 0714-984-419
Michael 0789-495-287
Salim 0713-442-662

*US Embassy Recommended


Mudi 0766-681-444
Sadika 0768-725-710


Sele 0788-415-201