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Super Regional Report

Dodoma people had a super regional!  They did things!  I don't know what, I just post things on request without reading them.  I did remove the list of everyone's names at the beginning just in case any privacy issues arise.  If you definitely want your name associated with this, feel free to post your name in the comments and/or just yell at me.  Cheers!  

2012 Census Results Released!

The most recent census results are in.  Need to fill out some ubiquitous Peace Corps paperwork asking questions you don't know the answers to, like the population of your village?  Find the census attached.  

Med Secretary Contact Info

We have updated our staff directory with contact information for Avelina, our temporary medical secretary. Check for a phone or email if you need to submit a med request.  

Sexual Assault Hotline and Awareness

April is sexual assault month.  In order to combat the problem of sexual assault, Peace Corps is now piloting a sexual assault hotline and asking for bystander stories.  Please find flyers attached. 

Paperwork to Fill Out

It's that time of year when our Peace Corps overlords want things from us.  

1) The VRF.  I have no idea when it is due.  Just do it.  It's painful.  I think this month I'm not supposed to advocate a good stiff drink upon completion.


2) The Living Allowance Survey!  Due March 10!  Remember last year when so many people filled it out that we all got more money??!  That's a good reason.  You want more money, right?  Fill it out!  


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