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Explaining the Airtel Internet Bundle Debacle

There's been a growing concern about the new Airtel Internet menu, particularly about the disappearance of the 400 Megabyte monthly package from the list of options. As of 8/5/12, it's still available. I'm using it right now. Click read more for details...

Shika Revival

In just a few short months, another wave of Education trainees will be flooding our country. First and foremost, hooray for new people! But secondly and more to the point, this is a critical time to prepare and organize all of our collective PCV knowledge and wisdom, which we can then bestow upon our new recruits efficiently and effectively. That's what I've been trying to do, at least.



Invitation to ED PCV Facilitators

Dear PCVs,

Time is here again for the Education PST. Trainees will be coming on the 6th June, 2012 and it’s an opportune time we prepare for the facilitation of different planned sessions.

Grants Committee Now has an Online Home!

If you are thinking you might ever write a grant at any point during your service, or you just want to download the grants handbook and possibly other fun and useful resources to be uploaded later, check out the Grants Committee page here or do it the harder way by finding it under Committees in the menu on the left.  

Churches and the fight against HIV/AIDS

This PBS story discusses the role of church partnerships with public organizations in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Swaziland and neighboring African countries. Many of us in Peace Corps already know of the importance of churches and how they can help volunteers reach members of their communities, for the purpose of educating about and stopping HIV/AIDS.



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