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Huru Applications

We are once again accepting applications for Huru International! Huru International is an organization that distributes re-usable sanitary pads to girls and young women to help them stay in school and stay healthy. You can apply to receive these resources for the young women in your community. Visit www.pctanzania.org/huru for more details. Also, keep in mind- a Huru International project pairs really well with Maua Mazuri and/or and International Women's Day event. If you are already planning one of these projects in your community, consider making Huru a part of it! 

LEAD TZ 2015

Zinduka and the USAWA Committee are proud to present our first annual LEAD (Leadership Experience and Development) TZ National Youth Conference! If you have completed or plan to complete a local youth conference with secondary school students you are eligible to bring your students to this national conference in Iringa on January 19-23.

Here is how you apply:

Creatively share your success story with us (story, video, pictures, recording, etc). We know that at most youth conferences students learn things and then bring what they have learned back to their communities. We want to hear about how your student group did this community outreach. Did your students teach their peers in a creative way? Give a performance? Paint a mural? LEAD TZ is focused on educating and empowering future community leaders, so we want to see how your students have already shown potential for this. Along with your success story we need the following information:

·       Student information: how many students, number of boys and girls, and ages/forms

·       Counterpart information: who is it, why are they an exceptional counterpart, what would they be willing to teach at the conference

·       Future plans: how and why would information from this conference be brought back to your community, why does your community need this

Applications are due November 30, 2014. We will accept up to 8 volunteers, along with their counterparts and students. Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity! If you have questions, talk to Emily (ehoppes@gmail.com, 0786038585) or anyone on the USAWA committee.

Huru International

Shika na Mikono Presents at National Teachers' Training Workshop

The week of the 21st through the 25th of October, Peace Corps’ Shika na Mikono hands-on science team was invited by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) of Tanzania to help facilitate an INSET workshop for national and regional trainers in Morogoro.  The workshop provided various Math, Science, and Language trainers with the necessary information and resources to train other Tanzanian teachers upon return to their respective regions.  Sessions focused on educational improvement, including Big Results Now (BRN), classroom and presentation skills, an


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